California Gym Reopens After Building Workout Pods For Members


A gym in California has erected a series of workout pods for its members to train in as it looks to reopen following weeks of lockdown.

Staff at South Bay Fitness in Redondo Beach have installed nine closed off areas, six-feet apart from one another and 10-feet high, which all come with a bench, foam rolls, some weights and, more importantly, hand wipes to keep the area clean.

According to the gym’s owner, Peet Sapsin, the protective pods, which were made using old shower curtains and some piping, took around three days to put together.

The gym has also introduced a number of safety measures to protect members, such as a ‘check-in station’ where people have to wash their hands and have their temperature taken before accessing the gym.

And for those who don’t want to risk going into the gym, instructors are still doing classes over Zoom.

Unveiling the new pods, Peet shared a photo on Instagram, with the caption: “Reopening our gym @inspiresouthbay is not an easy task. But we are prepared to increase the safety for all of our members against COVID-19.⁣

“We will also continue to host ZOOM classes until we have a vaccination. This effort is to accommodate our members who prefer to stay at home but still get a good workout if they are not ready to come back in person.

“Our class capacity will be limited but we will get creative with our program. No matter what, we’ve got your back.”

Yesterday (15 June), all non-essential shops were allowed to reopen in England.

And a woman was taking no chances when she was spotted spotted in a full PPE bodysuit, gloves and a mask while visiting Primark.

The woman, who was spotted at the Birmingham branch, was seemingly not willing to take any risks while hoping to get her hands on a bargain.

As well as the bodysuit complete with a hood, gloves and a face mask, the woman had a shopping bag lashed over her shoulder and a bumbag around her waist so she wouldn’t need to doff her PPE to get at her bank card. Clever, eh?

Masks are recommended but not mandatory when entering shops in England, and many shoppers erred on the side of caution and could be seen wearing face coverings while queuing to get in.


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