Man With Machete Tattoo On His Face Is Charged With Machete Attack


A Florida man with a tattoo of what appears to be a machete underneath his left eye has been arrested and charged following an alleged machete attack.

Justin Couch, 25, is accused of using the weapon to slice his victim’s forearm as he attempted to defend himself, according to the Hernando County Sheriff’s Office.

The victim, who hasn’t been named, claims that the incident began last Saturday evening (13 June) when he returned home to take a shower and noticed there were several people ‘having a small gathering’.

Couch was said to be among those in the house in Spring Hill, Florida. The victim says that Couch struck up an argument with him ‘for no reason’ as soon as he got inside the property.

The victim asked Couch to step outside in a bid to discuss what was going on away from the others.

According to a police report, as soon as the two males walked outside of the residence, Couch produced a machete and approached the victim in an aggressive manner.

Before the victim said anything, Couch apparently told him that he needed to leave. The victim agreed to leave and said he just wanted to go inside to retrieve his wallet and cell phone. Couch told the victim no and said, ‘There’s nothing here for you, leave.’

The victim insisted on getting his wallet and cell phone from inside the residence. At this point, Couch is alleged to have begun striking the victim in the arm and leg with what the victim believed was the flat side of the machete’s blade.

Couch then swung the machete at the victim’s face. In order to block the strike, the victim quickly placed his left arm in front of his face. The victim’s left forearm was struck with the blade of the machete. The victim felt severe pain and then passed out.

An ‘unknown friend’ ended up taking the victim to Bayfront Health Spring Hill where he received treatment for his injury.

The victim is currently unable to use or move his left hand due to the severity of the injury he sustained.

Three days after the alleged incident, officers attended an address on Stillwater Avenue in Spring Hill, Florida, where Couch was located and placed under arrest.

He has been charged with aggravated battery with a bond of $10,000.


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