Lad Recreates His Local Wetherspoon On Minecraft

BY THEREDNOW STAFF At this stage, it kind of feels like pubs never existed and the post work pint is just a figment of our imaginations. So no wonder one LAD missed his own pub enough to recreate it on . Check it out: Jimmy McCullough, from Merseyside, is a team leader at Spoons, but […]

Closed Zoo Finds Homes For All Its Animals After Euthanasia Fears

BY THEREDNOW STAFF A UK zoo that permanently closed down has announced that new homes have been found for all its animals – despite initial fears that some would have to be euthanised. The Wild Planet Trust said earlier this week that it would not be reopening its Living Coasts site because they found it […]

Belle Delphine Says She Took Break After Being Stalked And Receiving Death Threats

BY THEREDNOW STAFF Belle Delphine has revealed she took a break from social media after being stalked and receiving death threats. Explaining why she took a hiatus, the 20-year-old purveyor of weird content (her words not mine) said she needed to secure her privacy after stalkers turned up outside her house and sent her death […]

Teenagers Club Together To Pay For Stranded OAP's Taxi

BY THEREDNOW STAFF Despite what some people think about groups of teens these days – theyre not all bad, believe us. In fact, they sometimes go above and beyond like these four girls did when they clubbed their money together to get an elderly lady a taxi home in the rain. The teens, aged between […]

Woman On The Pill Gives Birth To Surprise Baby While On The Toilet

BY THEREDNOW STAFF A mum-of-four got the shock of a lifetime when she gave birth to a healthy baby girl while on the loo after having no idea she was pregnant. Sales advisor Grace Meachim, 32 had no clue she was around 37 weeks pregnant and about to give birth as she had no visible […]

Woman Thinks Surveillance Camera Has Captured Her Dead Cat's Ghost

BY THEREDNOW STAFF A woman reckons home surveillance footage shows her dead cats ghost curled up on the sofa almost exactly a year after his death. You can watch said footage below and make your own mind up about whether shes right: Before you start losing your sh*t about the clear and obvious cat at […]

Woman Tricks Mum By Changing Predictive Text To Rude Words

BY THEREDNOW STAFF WARNING: THE FOLLOWING VIDEO CONTAINS RUDE WORDS AND PHRASES THAT WE WOULDNT WANT ANYONE TO BE OFFENDED BY… This hilarious video shows the moment a woman changed some of the standard phrases in her mums predictive text library to a range of rude words, leaving the poor mother to send a number […]

Photographer Captures Rare Moment Humpback Whale Displays 10ft Penis

BY THEREDNOW STAFF This is the extremely rare moment a confident humpback whale has been caught on camera showing off his massive 10-foot penis during a spectacular show in Sydney Harbour. Hey, if youve got it, flaunt it. Despite photographing thousands of whales in his life, John Goodridge said he has never before witnessed one […]

Man Uses TikTok To Explain Racism Problem In Australia

BY THEREDNOW STAFF An Australian man has gone viral after using groceries to explain racism on TikTok. In the clip the fella, who uses the TikTok handle @pnuks, can be seen pointing to various items in his trolley to show the bias against the Indigenous community in Australia. He starts by saying: “Using Woolworths Im […]

Bizarre Face Bra Product Claims To 'Get Rid Of Double Chin'

BY THEREDNOW STAFF Got a double chin you cant shift? Fear not, theres a bra you wear on your head that can supposedly sort that. The way the Face Bra works really is straightforward – simply strap it around your noggin and voila, after one use you could have lost up to 1cm of double […]