Man Nicknamed 'Human Can Opener' For Ripping Up Drinks Cans With His Teeth


A man who opens cans with his teeth has become known as the ‘human can opener’ after sharing his exploits on TikTok. Wanna see that? Well, of course you do.

To be fair, as far as we can see, it’s mainly him who calls himself that, as there ain’t much available information.

But, if you take a cursory look at either his YouTube or TikTok profiles, you can see that 35-year-old Evanilson Gomes has some extraordinarily strong teeth.

Gomes, from Brockton in the US state of Massachusetts, posts various videos of his unique talent that largely comprise of him ripping the tops of soda cans using only his teeth.

If you dig a bit further, there are a few videos of him carrying about rubbish bins and performing other strange feats of strength using only his gnashers.

According to the little information about him that’s currently available, he’s been practising his craft for around five years, although how exactly one ‘practises’ ripping through aluminium cans with their teeth is not immediately clear.

Surely you just have to take the plunge and get stuck in, both figuratively and metaphorically, right?

Anyway, he’s clearly hoping that his strange skill will buy him a bit of viral fame, but as yet he only has a modest following on his YouTube account.

He’s gonna have to tear up a whole load more fizzy pop cans if he’s going to get some of that internet money – the guy clearly isn’t Logan Paul or KSI.

However, perhaps that’s actually a good thing when you think about it.

Anyway, if this sounds like the kind of thing you’d be into, it’s all there. In fact, on YouTube alone he’s got what seems to be hundreds of videos that all seem to pretty much hang on the same loose premise.

There’s not even much suspense, as we know that he doesn’t hurt himself doing it.

Anyway, this feels like a good time to say that you probably shouldn’t be cutting about opening anything like this with your teeth.

We’ve all got that one pal who thinks that he’s really cool by opening bottles with their teeth.

If you’re thinking – ‘wait, I haven’t’ – it’s probably you.

It’s not big, and it’s not clever. You’re likely to just end up with a few missing teeth, a gigantic sized dental bill, and a pretty sheepish look on your face.

Why do it anyway, when people on the internet will do it for you?


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