Lad Recreates His Local Wetherspoon On Minecraft


At this stage, it kind of feels like pubs never existed and the post work pint is just a figment of our imaginations. So no wonder one LAD missed his own pub enough to recreate it on . Check it out:

Jimmy McCullough, from Merseyside, is a team leader at Spoons, but throughout the coronavirus pandemic, hes had a bit more time than usual on his hands.

Speaking to Therednow, Jimmy said: “Compared to how other people are having to deal with this situation, I have been OK.

“Ive gone from working every other day to not having to worry about much at all! Gaming every night on the PC feels like Im back in school. I try to keep myself active even though Ive not left the house that much!”

So how has he whiled away those hours?

He said: “I made a version of the pub I work at – The Court Leet in Ormskirk. Ive been trying to get as much detail as possible.”

And detail he has certainly got. As you can see from the video, the lad has included every single feature, from light fittings and booths, to the outside area, kitchen grills and even the chains infamous carpets.

Jimmy explained: “At the start of lockdown I saw someone made a version of Baa Bar and Heebies – both clubs in Liverpool – in .

“Then I thought, With the free time on my hands, I could do the same with this pub I work at.”

And he didnt slouch with it either – Jimmy made sure he put in the groundwork and researched it properly so that it wasnt just designed from memory.

He said: “I started by looking up the pub online to give me a rough outline, and then worked my way up in stages

“I got the structure made first and made sure all details were as correct as possible.”

But it didnt come without its challenges, and Jimmy found himself in a race against the clock.

“It only took me a couple of days of days to finish,” he said. “But after I saw a couple videos come out, I wanted to share it before someone else took my idea. Going through each of the blocks to try and get either the right colour or right layout that I needed was frustrating at times.”

Understandable, mate.

It was worth it, though – the reaction has been incredible, with many people commenting on how the carpet is spot on.

Like the rest of us though, Jimmy is ready for lockdown to ease so that he can get a bit of normality back in his life.

He said: “Im looking forward to work so I can get out the house as Ive done basically everything I can do possible in the house. Or go to the cinema – watching movies at home isnt quite like watching them in the cinema and I can start using my limitless card again!”

And how could we do an article about Spoons without finding out what his first order will be?

Jimmy added: “You cant go wrong with three for a tenner starters, but Ive missed cookie dough sandwich the most!”


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