Students Can Now Study Medicinal Cannabis At University In New Zealand

BY THEREDNOW STAFF Students in New Zealand will have the chance to learn all about medicinal cannabis at Auckland University of Technology (AUT). The comprehensive paper, which will be offered from the second semester of the year (starting 20 July), has been dubbed the Cannabis 101 for those interested in the industry. So, its not […]

Man Transforms 'Dungeon' Basement Into Stunning £475,000 Property

BY THEREDNOW STAFF When Jamie Barrow bought his basement apartment in Bath, UK, he said it was like a dungeon being left to rot. Fast-forward to the present day, and the flat is on the market for almost half a million quid after three years of hard graft. Professional snowboarder Jamie was working in renovation […]

Boy Is Britain's Youngest Entrepreneur After Launching Business Aged Six

BY THEREDNOW STAFF A little lad has launched his own business at just six and has vowed to one day become a millionaire. Britains youngest entrepreneur Alfie Bradley has battled a severe speech disorder to set up his own garden and maintenance firm – Alfreds Cutting Services – during lockdown. Alfies hard work is already […]

Emergency Vets Warn Dog Owners Against Throwing Sticks For Their Pets

BY THEREDNOW STAFF Sticks might seem like quite an obvious way to keep your dog entertained while youre out on a walk. However, emergency vets have warned against using them after one poor pooch had to have emergency treatment because of a shard of wood that was stuck in her throat for four days. The […]

Couple Decorating Find Hilarious Note With Advice From The Previous Owner

BY THEREDNOW STAFF A couple embarking on a bit of DIY discovered some helpful advice from the past, as they peeled back the wallpaper in their front room to reveal a note from the houses previous owner. Charlotte Morrison and her husband Yariden were redecorating their London home when they found a note from an […]

Heartbreaking Hidden Camera Footage Shows Cat Meowing For His Missing Owner

BY THEREDNOW STAFF A woman who caught a glimpse of her cat wandering around the house with a lead in his mouth and meowing, clearly looking for his absent owner, has now said that she feels like she can never leave him alone again because its so sad. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, loads of […]

Black Doctor's Appeal To Be Respected In Scrubs And Hoodie Goes Viral

BY THEREDNOW STAFF A black doctor has gone viral after sharing a video in which he appealed to be respected in both his scrubs and his hoodie. Dr Emeka Okorocha, an A&E doctor from east London, posted a clip on TikTok in which he can be seen smiling in his scrubs behind the message If […]

Personal Trainer Sues Date For £130,000 After Catching Cold Sore

BY THEREDNOW STAFF A personal trainer who says he contracted cold sores after kissing a woman on a date is now suing her for over £130,000 ($163k) in compensation for her negligence. Martin Conway, 45, says he has been traumatised and his life and work seriously affected after catching the herpes simplex cold sore virus. […]

This Cat Eats Like It's A Hungry Hippo

BY THEREDNOW STAFF Cats are weird and wonderful creatures, arent they? If you dont agree then just take a look at this one that eats like a Hungry Hippo: The kittys owner, a public defender from Philadelphia called Luke, posted the video on Twitter mocking the moggy for its eating habit – namely opening its […]

Football Fan Transforms His Garage Into $35,000 Mancave With 14 Screens

BY THEREDNOW STAFF Weve made it, guys. The return of football is almost upon us, the light at the end of the lockdown tunnel. But one man is more prepared than most for the arrival of the Premier League. David Mckinder, from Sydney, Australia, has spent the best part of 10 years turning his garage […]