'Skate 4', Or At Least A New Skate Game, Finally Confirmed By EA

BY THEREDNOW STAFF I honestly never thought I’d see the day, but it looks like the Internets’ incessant nagging has finally paid off. EA has announced that a brand new Skate game – which I’ll be referring to as for the time being – is in development. The news was announced during last night’s EA […]

‘Cyberpunk 2077’ Has Been Hit By Yet Another Release Date Delay

BY THEREDNOW STAFF CD Projekt Red’s much-anticipated has received another release date delay, as announced by the Polish developer and publisher on Twitter. The Keanu Reeves-starring role-player was originally set to come out for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC (with next-gen versions following in due course) on April 16th – which, as you might’ve […]

A New Crash Bandicoot Game Seems To Have Been Teased By Activision

BY THEREDNOW STAFF We’ve got some pretty exciting news for those of you desperate to recapture that happiness and carefree nature you once had as a child growing up in the 90s – Activision seems to be teasing something Crash Bandicoot related, and it’s looking like it might just be a new game. A few […]

'Pokémon Isle Of Armor DLC' Review: A Glimpse At What The Series Could Be

BY THEREDNOW STAFF Last year’s base and games were , I think we can agree on that (here’s our review, to remind you of just how fine they were). The gameplay had evolved very little from previous titles and the narrative left much to be desired, leaving most of the plot progression ‘to the grown […]

PlayStation Exclusives Will Be More Important Than Ever, Sony Says

BY THEREDNOW STAFF Like it or not, it seems the concept of console exclusive games will carry over into the next generation of consoles… At least as far as Sony is concerned. In a recent interview with The Guardian, Sony executive vice-president Simon Rutter said that exclusives are “hugely important. More important, I think, than […]

The Story Behind Gaming's Best Piece Of Music – Hell March

BY THEREDNOW STAFF Ahead of the launch of the we got to speak with the series’ composer Frank Klepacki. Starting at Westwood Studios in the ’90s as a tester and working his way into the audio department where he became a composer, Klepacki defined the sound of Command & Conquer with industrial and heavy metal […]

How 'Hardspace: Shipbreaker' Is Like A Taylor Swift Costume Change

BY THEREDNOW STAFF As with most on the job accidents, I was killed because I wasn’t paying attention. I’d pulled four straight shifts dismantling Mackeral class ships and I thought I’d got the routine down – use my cutting laser to detach the engines, tether them to the recycling barge, depressurise the central cabin, cut […]

New PS5 Slogan Drops Major Hints At DuelSense Controller Features

BY THEREDNOW STAFF Sony has filed a new trademark in the US, and it appears to give us some further clues as to what the PlayStation 5’s new DualSense controller can do. The trademark, which was filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office earlier this month, is for the phrase “Heighten Your Senses”. […]

Here's The PlayStation 5 Lying On Its Side, In Case You Were Wondering

BY THEREDNOW STAFF How many people actually stand their PlayStation consoles up vertically? I’m not judging you, I’m just genuinely curious. I’ve never met anyone, from PlayStation 2 to PlayStation 4, who didn’t have their console lying flat on its side. Vertical always seemed… wrong, at least to me. Maybe that’s why last week’s PlayStation […]

‘Valorant’ Review: A Familiar Hero Shooter With Plenty Of Potential

BY THEREDNOW STAFF What do you get when you mix and ? Well, yeah, you probably guessed it: you get . Although a lot of comparisons have been made to other popular titles, Riot Games’ new 5v5 round-based shooter does feel unique enough, with a roster of 11 agents who each offer a distinctive twist […]