Woman And 15 Friends Test Positive For Coronavirus After Going To Bar


A woman and her 15 friends have tested positive for coronavirus after they all went out to a bar.

Erika Crisp, from Florida, was excited to finally be able to go out with her pals after months of lockdown, but she now wishes she hadn’t after they all contracted the deadly disease.

Seven members of the staff at Lynch’s Irish Pub in Jacksonville also tested positive for Covid-19.

Speaking to local news, Ms Crisp, who works as a care management assistant at a medical centre, said she started feeling unwell about eight days after visiting the bar.

She told News4Jax: “We’ve all been stuck indoors for months, being careful, social distancing, doing everything the right way.

“The only thing we have in common is that night at that bar.”

Lynch’s general manager Keith Doherty closed up for a deep clean of the premises and had all 49 members of staff tested for the virus, with seven employees coming back with positive results.

And after being informed of the outbreak, several other bars in the area also decided to shut up shop so that they too could clean their facilities.

According to reports, Lynch’s was set to reopen yesterday (16 June) and has introduced a series of safety measures to protect customers, including having staff wear face masks, as well as taking the temperature of customers before entering the bar and making hand sanitiser available.

Looking back at that night, Ms Crisp says she wishes she and her mates had been more careful and had taken their personal safety more seriously.

She said: “I think we were careless, and we went out into a public place when we should not have. And we were not wearing masks. I think we had a whole ‘out of sight, out of mind’ mentality.

“The state opens back up and said everybody was fine, so we took advantage of that.”

She added: “We should be wearing masks. We should be social distancing. It was too soon to open everything back up.”

Meanwhile, a gym in California has installed a series of workout pods for its members to train in as it looks to reopen following weeks of lockdown.

Staff at South Bay Fitness in Redondo Beach have installed nine closed-off areas, six feet apart from one another and 10 feet high, which all come with a bench, foam rolls, some weights and, more importantly, hand wipes to keep the area clean.

According to the gym’s owner, Peet Sapsin, the protective pods, which were made using old shower curtains and some piping, took around three days to put together.


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