Man Uses TikTok To Explain Racism Problem In Australia


An Australian man has gone viral after using groceries to explain racism on TikTok.

In the clip the fella, who uses the TikTok handle @pnuks, can be seen pointing to various items in his trolley to show the bias against the Indigenous community in Australia.

He starts by saying: “Using Woolworths Im going to explain the Black Lives Matter problem in Australia.”

Before sharing a misconception in the country: “But Indigenous people get free things from the government.”

The clip then cuts to his full trolley, where he explains that various products represent elements of Aboriginal culture – for example his steaks are culture and bread is language.

He then chucks in some rice which represents ability to dance but as he attempts to walk off with his trolley, hes stopped by a white man who says: “Mate, thats ours.”

In response the TikToker tries to pull the trolley back, saying: What do you mean, weve been here ages before you.”

But the white man continues, taking away his trolley and then his shoes, while the man protests: “You cant take these, this is like family, these are my babies, part of a whole generation, what do you mean?”

The white man then hands him a basket of inferior goods – powdered milk and tin of processed meat – and tells him: “Dont worry, Ill pay for it.”

As the clip ends a second shopper walks past saying: “You get everything paid for by the government.”

The clip has been viewed more than 600,000 with people in the comments praising the man for nailing the issue with his sketch.

This isnt the first clip hes uploaded attempting to explain the race problems in Australia and hes a big hit thanks to his simple analogies.

One impressed viewer commented: “This was so informative, thank you so much. Hopefully using this same analogy, I can get my family to understand too.”

While a second added: “This is definitely an eye-opener for me. I love how youre explaining everything to make it easier for us who dont understand properly.”

Someone else commented: “Thank you for finding a way to educate the young generation of TikTok so effectively through your videos, seeing as not many parents have been.”


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