Woman Tricks Mum By Changing Predictive Text To Rude Words



This hilarious video shows the moment a woman changed some of the standard phrases in her mums predictive text library to a range of rude words, leaving the poor mother to send a number of explicit messages to their village group chat, and even her workmates:

Ashleigh Stevenson-Horley has been isolating with her mum, Michelle Stevenson, 50, since lockdown began amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The pair, who are from Hertfordshire but live in South Cambridge, have started to get a bit bored, with drug safety specialist Ashleigh admitting shes been climbing the walls.

This led the 24-year-old to start pranking her mum with a range of classic tricks, including throwing water on her out of a window and the good ol penis-shaped suncream prank.

The latest might just top them all, though – Ashleigh decided to change some of the words in her mums phones predictive text memory. In other words, staples like lol, my and on became p***y, anal and lick me, respectively.

Speaking to Therednow, Ashleigh said: “She [Michelle] didnt notice for about two hours, and then noticed slowly word by word – firstly lol changed to p***y to her pub director but she didnt realise shed sent it as she didnt have her glasses on.

“She then got a call her from director saying, Whats up with you today? And mum had meant to send yeah ok lol but shed actually sent p***y c**k anal without noticing.

“She then slowly starting realising more words werent working and tried to blame her new earphones, taking them out and putting them back in again. She then tried restarting her phone and went to contact her phone provider to tell them her phone had a virus.

“In between this she sent rude messages to the village group chat who have a mean age of 60, and her staff group chat.”

Ashleigh went on: “She nearly wet herself laughing – she didnt realise it was me and she was texting constantly trying to see what other words would change – at this point she still thought it was a virus on her phone.

“I tried so hard to keep a straight face until my brother looked at her phone and realised. I was in a business call and could just see her crying with laughter in the background, calling her friends to tell them shed sussed it out – all of these friends had just told her she watches too much porn due to her texts.”


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