Teenagers Club Together To Pay For Stranded OAP's Taxi


Despite what some people think about groups of teens these days – theyre not all bad, believe us.

In fact, they sometimes go above and beyond like these four girls did when they clubbed their money together to get an elderly lady a taxi home in the rain.

The teens, aged between 12 and 14, noticed that the old woman had found herself trapped on the wrong side of a bomb squad cordon which meant she was unable to walk home.

The taped off area was on Worsley Road in Eccles, Greater Manchester, after police discovered a device and prepared to detonate the suspicious package.

The anonymous lady was stuck on the wrong side of the cordon – until these four girls came to the rescue.

The Manchester Evening News reported that Charlie Sykes, 13, Danae Mahoney, 13, Ruby Dixon, 14, and Kaydi Warren, 12, said they helped the woman as she was there for a while getting cold.

The police were so impressed by the girls actions that they posted on their social media account:

PC Carl Blower told the MEN: “The elderly lady lives on the other side of the cordon and she started to feel a chill. I put her in the car, and [the girls] said they would phone a taxi and pay for it. With everything thats going on, its so nice to see.”

People commented on the post, praising the girls with one person writing: “Awww well done to them all. There parents must be feeling ecstatic right now knowing that theyve raised these beautiful lot.

“I love posts like this. It makes a nice change knowing that there are some beautifully raised kids in this world.”

Another added: “Well done guys! We only ever hear about the up to no good kids, and theres so many more decent kids out there who never get a mention! Absolute stars these are.”

A third commented: “Well done girls its lovely to see these children have been brought up the right way and not hurting anyone. Thats just restored my faith in this generation.”

Charlies mum Rebecca said: “Shes an amazing young girl. We got a phone call from police and you think the worst. They said just to let you know what Charlie and her friends have done. You feel extremely proud.”

Follow suit, people.


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